Natural, Sustainable, Vegan Materials.

Would you like to know why Urbànima is respect-à-porter? Our choice of materials speaks for itself and it's the best way to explain what we do in a clear, honest way.


How could there not be rice in a project from València? We love paella, but we also really love doing our bit for the conservation of natural environments such as the Valencian Albufera Natural Park. Each year, rice harvesting produces more than 75,000 tonnes of rice waste. Rice waste has traditionally been burnt, with the consequent C02 emissions into the atmosphere. Nowadays, we can transform this rice waste into a raw material and use rice fibre to make shoe soles


What, as in… popcorn? Really? When talking about corn, food comes to mind. You’ve probably enjoyed it in salads, tortillas or straight from the cob but, strangely enough, bio polyols obtained from corn are used to create soft, highly elastic fabrics that look and feel like leather. We have to agree with whoever gave maize its name, which means “source of life”.

Would you like to know why Urbànima is respect-à-porter? Our choice of materials speaks for itself and it's the best way to explain what we do in a clear, honest way.


If you’re a gardening aficionado you’ll already know one thing or two about cacti, such as that they are extremely tough plants that barely need water, and that in Mexico they are so abundant that they’re almost a national icon. Mexican brand Desserto use mature nopal cactus leaves that, once washed and ground, are turned into a biodegradable and chemical-free fabric with a texture similar to that of leather and a life span of more than 10 years.

Recycled PET

We want to keep plastic bottles away from our oceans and natural environments. That’s why we use PET made with recycled plastic bottles in our collections, thus helping to build a more sustainable future. By recycling just one plastic bottle we save the energy needed to keep a light bulb on for 6 hours; and one tonne of recycled PET equals to 1,8 tonnes of oil. When you choose Urbànima you are making a true, conscious purchase.

Nature Materials

These natural materials provide organic textures and bring back the experience of traditional handmade footwear, which is always a guarantee of quality, durability and elegance. At the heart of Urbànima you will find biodegradable materials such as wood or cork, used both in shoe heels and as a fabric, and that make our footwear light, flexible and waterproof.

Newlife recycled

A new life awaits materials that have gone through a whole life cycle and that we reintroduce again in our footwear, adding value to them. This way we manage to save energy, natural resources, reduce our C02 emissions and avoid polluting our environment. Newlife Recycled is all about materials like recycled polyester from waste fishing nets, polyester clothes or from industrial waste. Recycled polyurethane is made from plastic waste. Recycled rubber comes from used tyres that are ground and compacted. The recycled cotton we use is made by combining different types of textile waste in a process that requires 80% less water than conventional cotton farming.

Urbànima is an animal-friendly, cruelty-free PETA-Approved Vegan brand, as certified by animal rights organization PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals).

The “PETA-Approved Vegan” logo guarantees that our vegan footwear is cruelty-free and uses no animal-derived materials.

Packaging with an “R”
Recycled, Recyclable and Adhesive-Free


At Urbànima we use exclusively designed, 75% recycled FSC-certified cardboard shoe boxes, with a self-assembly format with folds and grooves that make adhesives unnecessary. The boxes are transported in flat packs in order to make the most of each journey and have ecologically efficient logistics.

Each and every detail is thought of from a sustainable perspective, so we work with water-based ink made with organic pigments. The paper we stuff inside our shoes to keep them in shape is 90% recycled, and both the tissue paper that protects them and the shoe trees that preserve their optimal shape are made with 100% recycled paper

Eco Design: Sustainability Begins with the Design. Today we know that 80% of the environmental impact of a product can be reduced with a good design. Power to creativity and eco innovation!

We Believe in Diversity
We make social, vegan footwear for women that defies labels and stereotypes that bring nothing good.¿Who can wear Urbànima? Well, anyone who wants to walk with respect, joy and style!

The Beauty of Nature Lies in its Diversity.
Fashion is an incredible social movement that has the power to help us freely express who we are without having to place ourselves in an artificially binary world. That's why each of our collections is a commitment, one more step towards equality, respect and inclusion. In our catalogue you will find special shoe sizes for larger feet, and we will pay special attention to gender perspective and celebrate diversity at all times.

Made in Spain
Born by the Mediterranean.

Our production centres are located in Alicante, one of the main footwear manufacturing regions in Spain, and a name that means tradition, quality and a taste for detail. Our collections are designed and produced with great care at our workshops in Elche and Elda, and we mainly use suppliers

located close to our production centres, thus minimizing our CO2 emissions and working with eco-efficient logistics. Each model is the result of a meticulous process involving research and innovation in vegan materials and eco design, in order to achieve the highest degree of circularity in each product.

Slow-Fashion Footwear that Listens to Our Planet

It's becoming increasingly clear to us that consuming is not just about the moment when we purchase something: it is everything that is that is behind our choice, such as knowing if the brand we choose has sustainable and transparent practices, or what impact our purchase will have on the economic development of our surroundings and on society in general.

To consume responsibly is also to think beyond a product's life span and, once this is over, to see if we can recycle or transform it, thus reintroducing it into the chain without exhausting natural resources. .

Urbànima wants to help you out in this conscious reflection by facilitating your decision-making and openly showing you how we carry out each stage of the production, marketing and distribution of our vegan footwear, working to achieve the highest degree of sustainability and become more and more circular.

Research & Development
There's no provocation like innovation.

Fashion industry in general and footwear manufacture in particular are still very dependent on the use of plastics and animal-derived materials.

In this sense, Urbànima's collections are small revolutions that promote innovation in sustainable materials, cruelty-free vegan fabrics, and especially in creativity applied to the design, prototyping and development of components made of sustainable materials that configure how high heeled shoes are made, and also brings new work models to the sector.