When you think about it, learning to walk is a process of discovery, of joy and self-improvement. There's no hurry, because each step is an experience and a lesson. And suddenly, you don't know how, but you get caught in the fast pace of modern life and you stop looking around and enjoying the world that surrounds you. Walking becomes a journey from point A to point B, a train to nowhere. However, at each step we have the power to change our world and decide what kind of footprints we leave behind. Urbànima was born to restore the magic of taking conscious steps, of feeling the friendly heartbeat of the city and our connection with everything that surrounds us.

Urbànima is footwear with a soul, respect-à-porter.

Why Urbànima? Our name is composed by the words urbà (urban) and ànima (soul), so we are urban and soulful, because one can love the dynamism of city life and still want a better world, because it isn't necessary to give up fashion to live sustainably, and because you can wear urban footwear in a responsible way.

Urbànima is a Spanish slow-fashion brand from València, passionately dedicated to designing and manufacturing 100% vegan footwear for women, made in Spain with the highest degree of quality and sustainability.

We have a special fondness for pumps, that we carefully design down to the last detail with our customers' comfort in mind. That's why we make vegan heeled shoes with sustainable, recycled, animal cruelty-free materials, creating versatile and stylish collections.

The heart of our project is Maite Navarrete Causanille, CEO and founder of Urbànima.

“I've lived in 3 countries, and have 15 years of experience in incredible sales, logistics, supply chain and finance departments. But I reached a point when I decided to stop, give my life a complete turnaround and create a project that was meaningful to people. When you think about it, consuming in a sustainable way, at any level, should be the "normal" thing to do, because it's a balance with which we all win.

This is Urbànima's commitment.”