Vegan footwear for woman

We design stylish vegan footwear made entirely in Spain that combines perfectly with your daily look and gives your outfits the elegance and character you're looking for. Choose eco-design and sustainability with every step and listen to the friendly heartbeat of the city while walking towards a more environmentally-aware world. Urbànima is footwear with a soul, respect-à-porter.


When you
fall in love,
you fall in love

“I decided to give my life a complete turnaround and create a project that was meaningful to people. When you think about it, consuming in a sustainable way, at any level, should be the "normal" thing to do, because it's a balance with which we all wi”


At Urbànima we make social footwear with an urban soul.
Our 100% vegan shoes give you an elegant, sophisticated look with a rebellious touch, taking us step by step towards a more sustainable and environmentally-friendly planet

Made in Spain

Our collections are born to the breeze of the Mediterranean Sea. They are produced entirely at workshops in Alicante, a cradle of handmade footwear.


Urbànima is 100% vegan footwear. When you choose us, you are choosing design and innovation with certified cruelty-free materials.

Responsible consumption

We do real, slow fashion. No posturing. We truly believe in the power of fashion to build communities and promote critical thought and positive actions for our planet.


Wearing Urbànima shoes is wearing respectful footwear and leaving a green footprint. This is why we work to the highest standards of sustainability.


To minimise their environmental impact, our shoes are designed down to the last detail to generate the minimum possible waste, facilitate their recycling and optimise resources.

Long Live Diversity

Urbànima embraces diversity and is committed to everybody's happinesses and well-being. That's why you'll notice that we have footwear for what some may consider larger feet, and that our concept of femininity is neither binary nor exclusive.

Vegan and Sustainable Materials: In Urbànima’s sustainable fashion collections you will find only quality footwear, a complete range of stylish vegan shoes that make the difference, made with recycled or plant-based materials and fabrics. Vegan high-heeled shoes, sneakers, ankle boots and boots that are both versatile and comfortable, and can be worn both at work and after, when you can relax in a pair of elegant and environmentally-friendly shoes

Recycled Packaging: We know how important it is to develop environmentally friendly packaging. This is why the packaging of your Urbànima shoes has been designed to be circular. This means that we reuse waste in order to reduce our environmental impact and make our footwear sustainable all along the supply chain. Our packaging uses no adhesives, and all the materials used in the boxes are recycled and recyclable, Our suppliers are very close to our production centres, thus reducing CO2 emissions and working with eco-efficient logistics. Our shoeboxes are also self-assembly, which means they are transported folded in flat packages in order to optimise transportation, because transporting thin air is hardly sustainable or logical, is it?

Research & Development: Urbànima is a purposeful brand that wants to make a social change towards a conscious consumption model, rethinking the current footwear production model, still highly dependent on plastics and animal-derived raw materials. Our rebellious and adventurous heart is embarked on the research of new, sustainable materials and cruelty-free vegan fabrics, in order to develop stylish, vegan footwear that is easily recycled and part of a circular economy in which its components are separated at the end of their life and introduced again in the value chain.